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From a young age I have always been captured by animated characters
and drawn figures. Having grown up watching Hanna-Barbera,

Warner Brothers and Disney animated films and series,
I wanted to learn more about this art form.

I went on to study at the Arts University Bournemouth
 Animation Production.
I was lucky enough to direct and produce my own animated film
Un Mare di Memorie
which was screened at the BFI London
as well as in Bimini festival in Latvia.

During my time at university I also got to meet a great inspiration:
Michael Dudok de Wit.

Since leaving university, I have branched out and turned my attention to illustration and
now work as a freelance artist and illustrator. I love capturing those little magic moments of everyday life and expressing them in my illustration work.
​I do have a few placid hobbies which include stamp collecting and puzzle making.
So if you are thinking of throwing that stamp away please send it my way!

Clients: Outskirts Press, L'arietta Productions, Loyal D, The Barkery, Guide Dogs Singapore,
OSCAS, Project Luni, St Mary's Church Ewell, UK. 

My work can also be found on: ​


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